Paragon Theaters


Paragon Theaters Code Of Conduct
What are the rules for contests and giveaways?
What is the Diamond Rewards Loyalty Program?
When I purchase tickets online, it requests a zip code, but what if you're from Canada?
How do I redeem colored passes, loyalty free tickets and concession rewards?
Will I Get a FREE Movie Ticket on my Birthday?
Can points be added for movies I saw before I registered for Diamond Rewards or if I forgot it?
I lost my Diamond Rewards Card--what do I do?
Why can't I register the gift card I received?
When Will the Showtimes Be Available?
How Do I Change My Seats?
What Do I Need to Pick Up My Tickets?
Why do you charge a booking fee?
How do I refund my tickets?
Accidental Order? Purchased Tickets for Wrong Theater?
How Many Tickets Can I Purchase Online?
How Long Will a Movie Play at my Theater?
Do You Have Student Discounts?
Do You Offer Military Discounts?
What are the Ages for Children / Senior Pricing?
What is Your Rated R Policy?
Can I Purchase Tickets at Fandango?
Do You Allow Costumes?
Do You Offer Hearing Devices?
Why Isn't a Certain Movie Playing at My Local Paragon Theater?
What is Considered a "Holiday" in Terms of Exclusions for Discounts on Ticket Pricing?
Is Your Popcorn Gluten Free?
Can I Order Food To My Seats?
Do You Sell Gift Cards?
What can I use my Gift Card for at Paragon?
Do You Sell Group Tickets?
Do You Offer Parties & Private Events?
Can I bring in my own food or cake?
How Do I Apply For a Job?
How Do I Make a Donation Request?
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