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What are the rules for contests and giveaways?
We are proud to partner with studios to promote feature films and will run giveaways and social contests. Please see the official rules below.










What is the Diamond Rewards Loyalty Program?
We are proud to offer a Paragon Theaters Diamond Rewards program to reward our most loyal guests. The program is free (you just need an email address) and you earn a point for every ticket purchased, as well as five points for any concession purchase. You'll also get a free ticket on your birthday! Join our "virtual" program at this link.  

When I purchase tickets online, it requests a zip code, but what if you're from Canada?
Please instead create a zip code by taking the three numbers in your postal code and adding two zeros to the end.

How do I redeem colored passes, loyalty free tickets and concession rewards?
All passes are at the box office*. Diamond Rewards free movie tickets are redeemable on the Paragon Theaters app, effective July 1, 2019. Be sure to note the expiration date on your reward and redeem in a timely manner. *3D Upcharge.

Will I Get a FREE Movie Ticket on my Birthday?
That's right - all registered Diamond Rewards members earn a free ticket* on their birthday! Please ensure that your email is correct - and by midnight on the day of your birthday, you will receive an email notifying you that your free ticket has been added to your account.  Effective July 1, 2019, you can redeem your free ticket on the Paragon Theaters app. Your free birthday ticket will be on your account by midnight on your birthday and expires 30 days after your birthday. *Excludes 3D and you must have your birth date registered.

Can points be added for movies I saw before I registered for Diamond Rewards or if I forgot it?
If you visit the theater during a non-peak time (avoiding Friday or Saturday evenings), a manager can assist you with adding points for a recent visit. You will need to have your receipt or transaction number on hand. 

I lost my Diamond Rewards Card--what do I do?
If your card is registered, the theater can look up your account with your registered phone number or email. We are phasing out our cards and moving to a virtual rewards program so it is unncessary for you to have a card.

Why can't I register the gift card I received?
If you received a gift card, and already have an existing Diamond Rewards account, the gift card will need to be merged to the existing account. Email the gift card number, and the existing card so that the two can be merged. Any money or points on the card will be merged to the account number you want to keep.

When Will the Showtimes Be Available?
Bookings are received on Monday and schedules are built on Tuesday with showtimes available for the coming weekend by late Tuesday evening. On a holiday week, the showtimes may not be available until Wednesday. Sign up for our e-showtimes by clicking on the email icon on our website home page. The showtimes will be emailed to you on Thursday morning (and you will receive a free popcorn coupon via email when you confirm your subscription.. be sure to check your spam folder!).

How Do I Change My Seats?
Please reach out to your local theater box office and speak to a Manager prior to the start of the movie so they can change things.

What Do I Need to Pick Up My Tickets?
Most locations (except Village) can scan your ticket on your mobile phone and all locations can scan your printed at home ticket. You can also retrieve tickets at the box office or automated box office with the credit card you used to make the purchase online or your confirmation number (see question below regarding retrieving confirmation).    

Why do you charge a booking fee? 
To guarantee your are able to get tickets before they sellout, we offer the convenience of purchasing tickets (and at most locations reserving your favorite seat) in advance online. We charge a nominal fee per ticket in order to maintain this service for our valued guests. The fee is detailed (listed as "booking fee") on your order summary at checkout. The booking fee is non-refundable. 

How do I refund my tickets? 

Please note that for tickets purchased at the box office or online, refunds will only be issued at the local box office on the same day of the showing, prior to the showtime.  If you need to change your seats or change your showtime, you must visit the box office prior to the showtime - changes cannot be made online and not over the phone. Refunds are not available after the booking showtime. Tickets purchased online are subject to a per ticket convenience charge that is non-refundable.  

Accidental Order? Purchased Tickets for Wrong Theater?
If you accidentally ordered/purchased tickets and need to shift times or dates or locations, please visit the local box office where you purchased the tickets for, prior to the showtime, to discuss options for changing your tickets. 

How Many Tickets Can I Purchase Online?
Please note that there is a maximum of ten tickets per online order. Should you wish to purchase more than ten tickets at a time, please place separate orders.  

How Long Will a Movie Play at my Theater? 
Our "bookings" (contract with film companies) are for one week only.  Then, depending on how well a film performs, we will determine if it will "hold over" another week.  We generally find out on Tuesday afternoons if we will play a film another week, and post the following week's showtimes to our web site by Tuesday afternoon.

Do You Have Student Discounts?
Yes! In order to take advantage of our special students discounts, guests must present a valid student ID at the box office.  Student discounts are not available online, and are only offered at select Paragon Theaters. Discounts apply to general admission tickets only. Pricing is available on each theater's Ticket Pricing tab.

Do You Offer Military Discounts?
Most of our theaters offer military discounts.  Please check your local theater under the Ticket Pricing tab.  This discount is available to those who present proper identification at the box office (and their immediate family members who also have proper ID).  Military discounts are valid for general admission only, only for tickets purchased at the box office (not valid online). 

What are the Ages for Children / Senior Pricing?
Child tickets are for ages 2-12 .  Senior prices vary by theater.  Please visit your local theater's page for specific ticket pricing.  

What is Your Rated R Policy?
Paragon Theaters requires picture ID for the purchase of tickets to all rated R films. Paragon follows the MPAA guidelines for rated R movies which states:
1. Guests must be of 17 years of age to purchase a ticket.
2. If a guest is under 17 years of age, he/she must be accompanied (watching the film) by a parent or legal guardian 21 years of age or older. 
Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their children to see it.  An R rating may be assigned due to, among other things, a film's use of language, theme, violence, sex, or its portrayal of drug use. For more information on this policy, please visit

Can I Purchase Tickets at Fandango?
Paragon Theaters is proud to be a partner of Fandango. If you are experiencing difficulty using your Fandango gift card, please contact Fandango directly at (866) 857-5191 and they can help resolve your issue. Fandango gift cards can be used online at only - they are not redeemable at the theater.  Please click here for further details on how to use your Fandango gift card.  

Do You Allow Costumes?
Paragon Theaters welcomes guests to attend movies dressed in costumes, but does not allow weapons or other accessories that may make guests uncomfortable or cause a distraction. We also ask that you leave the masks at home.

Do You Offer Hearing Devices?
Yes, as part of our compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Paragon Theaters does provide hearing-impaired guests with the option of using a device that enables close captioning for our films.  Please call your local theater directly for more specific information.   

Why Isn't a Certain Movie Playing at My Local Paragon Theater?
In certain markets, film studios sometimes allocate films among theaters in that area.  For example, one theater might receive one film to play, another theater might receive another.  While we would love to play every movie, especially the big blockbusters that we know our customers want to see, we don't always have that choice - the film studios decide which theater gets to play certain films.  This happens mostly at our Village 12 (Fredericksburg) and Pavilion (Naples) theater.  Please contact the studios directly and let them know that you prefer to see your movies at Paragon Theaters. It is also important to note that while we would love to play every film, especially the ones our customers want to see, what we play is usually at the discretion of the film studios.  Sometimes they release films on a "limited" basis, and other times a film opens "wide" - all theaters.   

What is Considered a "Holiday" in Terms of Exclusions for Discounts on Ticket Pricing? 
The following are considered holidays: New Year’s Day; Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.; President's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Columbus Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day.

Is Your Popcorn Gluten Free? 
We use Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernels from ConAgra.  Their gluten free statement is as follows:  Even though, to the best of our knowledge, Glutens are not present, we have not analyzed for the actual presence of gluten.  ConAgra Policy, at this time, prevents us from making "Gluten Free" claims while the FDA Guidance on this matter is still being reviewed. We also use LouAnn Pop N Light popping oil (coconut oil) and LouAnn Buttery Topping for our popcorn, which are both gluten free.   

Can I Order Food To My Seats?

Paragon Theater's VIP Lux Box seating are the only recliners in the auditoriums with a QR code that when scanned will allow our guests to order concessions/food/or drink directly to their seats with table service.  All other General Admission seats do not allow for direct dine-in service.

Do You Sell Gift Cards?
Gift cards can be purchased at all or our theater locations or online by clicking here. Online orders placed by Noon EST will be shipped within two business days.  You may select from a range of shipping options including USPS and UPS.  Gift card orders cannot be delivered to PO Boxes.  Gift cards also can be purchased at any theater.  

Do You Sell Group Tickets?
Paragon Theaters offers discounted pricing for large groups of 50 and up. Please email your request to

Do You Offer Parties & Private Events? 
Yes! We can accommodate small private groups (birthday parties, camp outings, etc.), as well as private movie screenings and larger corporate events.  Click here to request more information.

Can I bring in my own food or cake?

Store or bakery-purchased cakes are allowed only with a pre-planned event. Please notify your group sales team member if you do plan on bringing in a cake for your event.  Additional outside food and beverage is prohibited.

How Do I Apply For a Job?
Please click here to find out about becoming a Paragon Theaters employee and apply today!

How Do I Make a Donation Request?
Please click here for more information on Paragon Theaters donation policy and to submit a donation request.  You will need your charity's Tax ID number in order to complete the form.  Donation requests must be submitted at least 8 weeks before an event.