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Dolby AtmosĀ®



Dolby introduces a powerful new listening experience for the movies, with its Dolby Atmos® sound technology. With Dolby Atmos, filmmakers can position and move sounds precisely anywhere in the theater, to heighten the realism and impact of every scene.

  • Sound comes from all directions, including overhead.
  • Dolby Atmos enhances clarity in dialogue and music, adding richness, detail, and depth.
  • Multidimensional sound flows all around you recreating the way sound behaves in real life.

Dolby Atmos at the Extreme Theater features the best screen, seating, and sound available. The massive state-of-the-art sixty-six foot screen, luxury electric recliners, and immersive, multidimensional Dolby Atmos sound provide the ultimate movie-going experience. 

Dolby ATMOS at the Extreme Theater is coming soon to Paragon Village

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