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Between Mercy and Me ()

Between Mercy and Me is an original music drama penned to encourage honest and raw conversations on race, racial divisions, stereotypes, and faith, especially within the evangelical church. As his community faces tragedy and gentrification, Hugo's pastor challenges him to produce new music to uplift the congregation. Facing writer's block, he visits the new neighborhood coffee shop where he encounters Mercy, a fellow musician who offers to help his song writing efforts. As their relationship grows, they are surprised by the reactions from their communities, friends and their own families. Hugo and Mercy are determined to not let hard conversations keep them from being together, but their relationship is rocked by a routine traffic stop causing them to come face to face their own internal narratives and beliefs. Will they choose to be vulnerable with one another or move apart with hard hearts affirming the very biases that they worked so hard to obliterate?


2 hr. 15 min.
Opens June 20th, 2023


Craig Lamar Brown


Andrea Summer VonAllmen
Craig Lamar Brown


Craig Lamar Brown
Andrea Summer