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Renée Fleming's Cities That Sing: Paris ()

Experience opera, music and the sights and sounds of Paris as never before in the extraordinary cinematic event, Renée Fleming's Cities That Sing: Paris. The superstar soprano Renée Fleming explores the City of Lights through its music and culture in a dazzling big-screen tour presented by IMAX and Stage Access. With unparalleled access, viewers will feel as if they've stepped right onto the legendary stage of the historic Théâtre du Châtelet for performances by Fleming and her special guest star, world-renowned tenor Piotr Bezcala, along with featured performers Axelle Fanyo and Alexandre Duhamel. In between selections of some of the greatest music ever written, Fleming journeys into the places and spaces that make Paris one of the world's great centers of art and fashion, while offering a majestic new appreciation for this unforgettable city and its timeless influence on world culture... and especially on opera.


Program , Concert
1 hr. 25 min.
Opens August 26th, 2023


François-René Martin


James Inverne

Playing At

Coral Square

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