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Raleigh Film & Art Festival Encore Block C ()

1. Mamma With A Vengeance, Directed by Rob Underhill, Short, 15.
Synopsis: Bojana arrives to check up on her daughter, Andrea, at a remote motel where Andrea is holed up with an abusive S.O.B. named Max.
Mamma's come for a little smackdown of her own. As things escalate we learn that something much deeper has been plotted by mother and daughter now set in motion…

2. Fall of the Matador, Directed by Griffin Hart Davis, Short, 9:34.
Synopsis: A young matador struggles with his craft as bullfighting threatens not only his life but his emotional and spiritual existence.

3. Blaming & Shaming, Directed by Joya Joseph, Short, 10 min.
Synopsis: In a modern portrayal of events following Sita's rescue from her abductor Ravana, as detailed in the Hindu epic poem The Ramayana, Sita finds herself in therapy and wrestles with the psychological effects of her abduction and slut shaming, leaving her with even more questions than answers.

4. Broiled, Directed by Megan St. John, Mid-Length, 34:54.
Synopsis: When two girls and two boys coincidentally rob the town bank on the same day in small-town, rural America, the result is a love story, some dark twists, and a whole lot of sweet potatoes.


Opened May 8th, 2022

Playing At

Coral Square

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