Showtimes & Tickets

Showtimes & Tickets

Paragon Grove 13 - Coconut Grove, FL.

The Premier VIP section features four renovated auditoriums with luxurious oversized leather dine-in movie seats in an elegantly designed space.  The swivel tray tables allow ample room to enjoy tasty items from the chef-created menu at The Lot Bar & Lounge.  Reserve and select your seats online and then conveniently place your food and drink order in The Lot Bar & Lounge on your way to your auditorium.  You will be given a beeper so that you know when your order is ready for pick-up. Delicious food, innovative drinks, top notch film technology -- enjoy Miami's only Premier Moviegoing Experience.

We expanded The Lot Bar & Lounge menu--download it here for a sneak peak!  

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  • Reserve and select your seats online or at the box office
  • Luxurious oversized leather rocking seats
  • Swivel tray tables that allow ample room for in-theater dining
  • Sony 4K Digital Projection with Dolby Digital Surround Sound 
  • Intimate auditoriums for the ultimate moviegoing experience

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