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Sony Digital Cinema 4K

All Paragon Theaters have Sony 4K Digital Projection - Deerfield 8, Chateau 14, Grove 13, Odyssey 15, Ocean Walk 10, and Village 12.

Sony's imaging expertise comes to the movie theater in the highest projection quality available. It's not just digital; it's Sony 4K. The differences are substantial.

What is Sony 4K?

Screen Size Sony

Most digital cinema projectors offer 2K resolution—only slightly more pixels than HDTV. Sony 4K provides exactly four times the pixels of 2K.

Digital cinema projection - like digital television - is based on pixels. "K" is shorthand for roughly one thousand pixels. Most digital cinema projectors are only 2K, about 2000 pixels across. Sony 4K is dramatically different: our advanced SXRD™ microdisplay chip uses reflective liquid crystal technology to create over 4000 pixels horizontally. With four times the pixels of 2K projectors, Sony 4K projection delivers amazing resolution and picture quality for a more compelling, more entertaining experience.

Will I see the Sony 4K difference?

Sony Pixel Image

Sit close to a 2K projector image and the picture begins to break apart into individual pixels, as illustrated here. 4K is practically immune (screen image simulated).

The closer you sit to a 2K digital projection images, the more the illusion of a complete image begins to fall apart. You can see the individual pixels that make up the picture. Diagonal lines, in particular, break into noticeable stair steps and "jaggies." Sony 4K projection enables viewers to sit closer to the screen and be completely immersed in an apparently seamless and continuous, incredibly detailed picture.

3D on Sony 4K Projectors

Sony 3D Image 300 Wide

Conventional triple-flash 3D system (L) displays a picture to one eye at a time. Sony 4K 3D solution (R) shows vivid, detailed pictures to both eyes, simultaneously (screen image simulated).

Most digital cinema projectors can only show an image to one eye at a time. They must alternate between the left eye image and the right. These systems are called triple-flash because they flash each picture three times. Sony 4K projectors have an advanced dual-lens adaptor system that shows two images to both eyes simultaneously, for more natural viewing. So you can enjoy the latest 3D content on the big screen, with depth so lifelike you’ll feel like you’re part of the action.

Click the theater below for tickets and showtimes and experience Sony 4K:

Paragon Deerfield 8 - Deerfield Beach
Paragon Grove 13 - Coconut Grove
Paragon Ocean Walk 10 - Daytona Beach 

Paragon Chateau 14 - Rochester
Paragon Odyssey 15 - Burnsville

Paragon Village 12 - Fredericksburg 

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