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  • Movies and showtimes are posted to our web site weekly (generally on Tuesday afternoons), so please visit your specific theater's page directly to view local listings and purchase tickets.  We can't guarantee which movies a theater will play until we receive confirmation from the film studios - the best way to stay current on upcoming titles is to like us on Facebook.  Our Facebook fans are always the first to know!
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Niki Wilson at

Paragon Pavilion - Naples, FL. 239-596-0008
Paragon Ridge 8 - Davie, FL. 954-472-4940
Paragon Kentlands 10 - Gaithersburg, MD. 240-449-4800
Paragon Chateau 14 - Rochester, MN. 507-282-2020
Paragon City Center 12 - Newport News, VA. 757-525-9898
Paragon Grove 13 - Coconut Grove, FL. 305-446-6843
Paragon Deerfield 8 - Deerfield Beach, FL. 954-571-2445
Paragon Ocean Walk 10 - Daytona, FL. 386-238-5252
Paragon Odyssey 15 IMAX - Burnsville, MN. 952-892-3456
Paragon Village 12 - Fredericksburg, VA. 540-785-7328

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