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About Paragon Theaters

Paragon Entertainment Holdings produces one of a kind entertainment destinations by utilizing the latest technology and providing superior amenities.  We pride ourselves on offering luxury at affordable, typical movie theater prices, including: 

  • Expanded Food Offerings
  • Restaurants and Bar/Lounges
  • Reserved and VIP Seating
  • Ancillary Entertainment, Including Bowling and Expanded Arcade
  • Superior Customer Service

Paragon Entertainment Holdings, LLC (“Paragon”) was formed in 2010 by key former Muvico Entertainment, LLC ("Muvico") executives who sought to own and operate movie theaters and related retail entertainment ventures in the United States and abroad. Presently, Michael F. Whalen, Jr. and Michael Wilson own Paragon, which includes several theater assets, as well as My Pi Custom Pizza and Craft Beer. Paragon also manages several movie theaters for Cinepolis and i-Star Financial. Cinepolis is the fourth largest theater exhibition company in the world and largest in Latin America. In addition to Cinepolis and i-Star, Paragon has significant strategic relationships with companies and investment funds in the media and entertainment industries to create value for its partners and clients.

The world of theater exhibition is changing rapidly. Given competitive pressures of narrowing DVD windows, quick playtimes of movie runs (i.e. the need for less screens per theater), the advent of digital technology, sophisticated home entertainment, and other forms of competitive entertainment, theaters must offer an integrated entertainment experience that is not "just about the movie" but where the "movie is part of the overall entertainment experience.” Paragon seeks to shift that paradigm and create a true entertainment brand and destination for its guests by offering premium luxury leather seats with extended legroom, reserved seating, expansive food menus and concepts, a bar/lounge, and digital projection.   Paragon believes such amenities should be offered at traditional movie going pricing, creating “Luxury Made Affordable” for its guests. 

Paragon’s strategy is two-fold:  (1) Retrofitting existing theaters, as well as existing retail space that has become available as a result of high vacancy rates; (2) Identifying new build opportunities to create entertainment venues that include movies, dining, and other forms of entertainment, such as bowling, billiards, or bocce.

Paragon’s first theater, which opened in April 2010, is a 70,000 sq. foot entertainment center in Fredericksburg, VA consisting of a movie theater, upscale bowling facility, and a restaurant. The theater boasts 12 high-definition digital screens, three of which include Premier VIP seating for 21 and over, and The Chatterbox, a bar & lounge serving beer, cocktails, and food. The luxury bowling facility has 16 lanes of bowling with a signature gourmet restaurant.

The second theater, Paragon Grove 13, previously operated by AMC, opened in June 2010 in CocoWalk (Coconut Grove, Miami) after a $4 million upgrade to include stadium seating, high-definition digital projection with 3D, and all reserved VIP seating. The theater also includes The Lot Bar & Lounge and VIP Premier theaters where patrons can enjoy a tapas menu of food and sample fine wines and beers before or after a movie while sitting in luxury leather seats complete with tray tables.  Since Paragon acquired the location, sales have increased by approximately 45%. 

In March 2011, Paragon closed on an acquisition of two theaters in Minnesota.  The first is a 15-screen theater including a Club Level VIP Lounge, Extreme Theater, expanded concession menu, and Sony 4K digital projection. The second theater is located in Rochester, MN where Paragon renovated the theater lobby and auditoriums, added Sony 4K digital projection, opened The Backlot Bar and Lounge, and expanded the food offerings.

In May 2011, Paragon opened an 8-screen theater in Deerfield Beach, FL. Located at the prominent corner of Hillsboro & Powerline, Paragon Deerfield 8 has been fully renovated and now boasts an Extreme Theater, Sony 4K HD digital projection technology, reserved seating, all luxury-stadium seating, an updated lobby and restrooms, as well as the The Lot Bar & Lounge, where guests can enjoy an expanded drink menu, along with items like hummus, quesadillas, and flatbreads—all while remaining under the “Luxury Made Affordable” brand.  Sales at the Paragon Deerfield 8 are up more than 50% from levels achieved before the renovations. 

More recently, Paragon acquired a theater in Daytona Beach, FL at Ocean Walk Shoppes.  The Paragon Ocean Walk 10 was fully renovated to include Sony 4K Digital projection, leather VIP seats, a private screening room with recliner seats, and a Fandango Extreme Theater; extensive renovations were also completed throughout the lobby and auditoriums. The Ocean Walk location features My Pi Custom Pizza where guests create their own personal pizzas ready in three minutes or less ( that they can enjoy in the restaurant or bring inside the theater to eat during their movie.

In Spring 2014, Paragon opened two additional theaters and expanded their restaurant and bar portfolio by adding another My Pi Custom Pizza location (Newport News, VA) and The Lot Bar & Lounge (Naples, FL) in addition to introducing a brand new concept, Neo Kitchen + Bar, also in Newport News.

Paragon Pavilion opened in Naples, FL on May 1st, 2014 after a full renovation of the existing Pavilion Cinema Theater. Paragon Pavilion boasts new luxury reclining seats with ample legroom, online reserved seating, full renovations throughout including the lobby and bathrooms, Digital Projection with RealD 3D (the best projection in the Naples area) and an expanded food menu featuring small plates, flat breads and salads from The Lot Bar & Lounge, located in the lobby.

Also in May of 2014, Paragon City Center 12 opened in Newport News, VA.  The theater was built from the ground up and is located in City Center at Oyster Point.  Theater amenities include leather reclining seats with footrests and tray tables, two extreme screen large format auditoriums, reserved seating, digital projection and sound as well as two onsite restaurants, My Pi Custom Pizza and Neo Kitchen + Bar. 

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