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Saturday Night Fever 40th Anniversary ()

Celebrate the film that captivated audiences the world over when Saturday Night Fever 40th Anniversary Director's Cut comes to select cinemas for a special two-day event. Come see the iconic film that catapulted John Travolta to superstardom, garnered him an OscarĀ® nomination and captivated audiences the world over. Travolta commands the screen as Tony Manero, a restless Brooklyn rebel who escapes problems at home and an uncertain future every Saturday night when he shines as king of the disco dance floor. The event includes a look back at the legacy of Saturday Night Fever with interviews from the director and cast.


Comedy , Program
2 hr. 5 min.
Opens May 7th, 2017

Playing At

Arlington Heights

ChateauCity Center


Ocean WalkOdysseyPavilionRidgeVillage